Online Psychology Tests

We offer psychometric assessments– the standard scientific method to measure individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioural patterns. These tests measure various aspects of an individual such as their personality, aptitude, cognitive abilities and behaviour.

These online psychology tests are the same as the offline ones used by professional psychologists during therapy. Both types of assessments are equally credible because they are evaluated by a certified psychologist who then formulates a report about your mental health. The offline version, however, is more expensive.


There are many ways these online psychology tests could be used:

  • By big/small/medium companies– test how well a new employee will fit into your company, find where your employees need help to boost productivity and use as HR management tools.
  • By schools– monitor the mental health of your students, get conclusive results for any issues a student may be facing and use in career counselling.
  • By parents– give your child and yourself a mental-health check-up and pinpoint problem areas.
  • By you– learn more about yourself, check-in with yourself and keep mentally healthy.