Our Clientele

I work best with individuals experiencing anxiety, panic, physical symptoms of anxiety, co-occurring anxiety and depression, difficulty with life transitions, and low self-image. I also work well with young adults and adults who are unsure about their future (changing or stagnant) and want revival of their relationships, their careers, or their overall life journey.

What We're All About

Here are some examples of clients who have (and who will) make a good fit:


I feel anxious a lot, and I’m overwhelmed with fear. Sometimes I feel sick, have trouble taking full breaths, suffer from panic attacks, get headaches, jaw tightness, or muscle aches and pains. Am I really having physical problems, or is it just stress?


I’m not living a life aimed toward happiness or healthiness. Instead, I’m living my life out of fear, sadness, panic, regret, self-loathing, guilt or shame. I’m sabotaging my own future and I’m getting in my own way. Having a healthier emotional life sounds great, but how do I get there?


I don’t feel good enough and I’m not liking or loving myself. I don’t know how to begin thinking (and believing) good thoughts about who I am, but I want to learn how to build self-compassion into my life. How do other people have all of this self confidence I can’t seem to find?


The trouble is I’m avoiding it all. I’m stuck, or I’ve given up. I’m really just going through the motions or making it worse by not trying, but I want to learn to do things differently. How do I stop procrastinating and start doing?


I have lots of thoughts all of the time. People tell me I’m very easily distracted, unfocused, and forgetful. I have racing thoughts, intrusive thoughts, or obsessive thoughts. I want the thoughts to be controlled by me instead of the other way around. Just how can I stop these thoughts?