Our Ethics

In extenuating circumstances, we will not be able to give you every single detail. For example: If you are taking a psychometric assessment for anxiety, your answers will be biased if you know it is for anxiety. So we may tell you that it is a personality test. Afterwards, however, we will inform you of the necessary deception i.e that it was a test for anxiety, not personality.

At PsychOWLogist, we follow all the guidelines laid down by the American Psychological Association like all online psychologists and offline ones. While you can read all the ethics and code in detail here, we can give you a brief outline of the most important ones:

  • Privacy and confidentiality: We will not disclose any information about you to anyone. This extends to include your family even if you are a minor. We also offer therapy sessions where you can remain anonymous. 
  • Informed Consent: Before embarking on any sort of therapy or procedure, we will give you all details about it. Only after you have fully understood it and given consent, we will follow through with it. This guarantees complete transparency.*
  • Authority: Your online therapy, online counselling sessions and psychometric tests will only be conducted by a certified, professional psychologist. This will make sure that there are no mistakes or mismanagement of sensitive information.