About Us

A little about us…

A psychoLogist is one happy, nerdy family of psychologists doing their utmost to make the world a better place. The head of this little family is Ms Aakanksha Seth– a psychologist with over ten years of experience in helping people find their smiles again.

She founded PsychOWLogist with the dream of giving affordable psychological help to every Indian in need of it. So she brought together a group of dedicated psychologists and a pup-lick relations manager– Simba, to begin the long journey towards this goal.

A year and a handful of hard-working interns later, PsychOWLogist was up and running. Our clients always left the therapy sessions smiling and with purpose. We have touched many hearts and changed many lives in a very short amount of time. And we are so grateful for this journey, the progress, and the lessons learned along the way.

Today, the Psychologist provides psychological help online with certified online psychologists and online psychology tests. In order to increase the general knowledge and awareness surrounding mental health, we also offer certification courses, training programs, and regular webinars (if you follow us on social!).

And we are more determined than ever to BREAK THE STIGMA against mental health!

If you think you need our help– be it to mend your relationship with your spouses/ family, train your employees to work more efficiently, or deal with dark, negative thoughts, we are right here for you!

Do not ever hesitate to say “I need help” because knowing your worst weaknesses inside out can become your greatest strength.