Online psychologist

Online Psychologist

  • Talk to your personal PsychOWLogist
  • Identify exactly what’s bothering you and why
  • Undergo professional counselling and therapy
  • Find your smile again!

Online Psychology Tests

  • Receive a complete psychometric evaluation
  • The test is evaluated by a professional psychologist
  • Learn more about your own mental health
  • Identify where exactly you could use help

Psychology Training Programs

  • Receive training from experts in the field
  • Increase your knowledge in the fascinating field of psychology
  • Learn more about the human mind and behaviour
  • Help your family, friends and loved ones with their mental health

Psychology Certification Courses

  • Select a branch of psychology you are interested in
  • Learn about it and specialise in it
  • Receive a professional certificate of merit
  • Add it to your resume!

Who are we?

PsychOWLogist consists of a group of psychologists in India coming together to break the stigma around mental health and improve the lives of those suffering from mental health issues.
Aakanksha Seth, a psychologist with more than ten years of experience founded this company when she realised how many people in India don’t get the help they need. She wanted to make a platform where everyone had access to psychological help, no matter what their budget, geographical location or schedule was like.
Therefore, PsychOWLogist was born. A platform for psychological help online, online counselling and 24/7 access to a professional online psychologist.
Our aim is to make sure that it is as easy as possible for you to get the help you need. We believe that if you want to feel better, you have to change the way you think. Only then can you feel better and live life to the fullest.
So, don’t hesitate to put your hand up and say “I need help”.

Free Consultation

Worked in 3 counties

Touched for over 1,500 lives

9,500 Hours of session

1,800 assessments

2,800 therapy hours invested

Experience of almost 10 years

Why choose us?


Our rates are much lower than those charged by psychologists with our level of experience. This is because we understand that money is a constraint for most of you and paying big bucks an hour is not an option.


You can talk to your PsychOWLogist at any time online. Just send your therapist a text venting your feelings or set up a video call. This way you can get the advice you need, whenever you need it!


Can’t make it to the appointment? That’s alright! Just send us a text and we will reschedule. Don’t feel like talking about something just yet? Don’t worry, we will get there. Your comfort is our priority, and we will make it as easy for you as possible to get the help you need.


Our PsychOWLogists have a combined experience of almost 20 years in the field of psychology and counseling. It is safe to say that they know their job and they do it well. Apart from this, they have degrees from esteemed universities and have a ton of people recommending them.

Private & Confidential

We will not disclose any information about you to anyone. We also offer therapy sessions where you can remain anonymous.

Informed Consent

Before embarking on any sort of therapy or procedure, we will give you all details about it. Only after you have fully understood it and given consent, we will follow through with it. This guarantees complete transparency.

How will you help me?

Step 1:

Schedule a free 15 minutes consultation

Have a quick chat with an online psychologist. We will get to know you better and understand how you are feeling.

Step 2:

Discuss the plan of action

Design a plan of action specifically made for you, which means we will get you feeling the best mentally!

Step 3:

Assessment and diagnosis

We will use all our diagnostic tools to make sure it falls in line with the plan of action and therapy.

Step 4:

Therapy/ Counseling

Create different types of therapies and support materials which are specific to you.

Step 5:

Mental health check up and termination

Have our last final check up before we send you out to the world.

Taking the first step

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, sometimes it is even more important. Think of it this way: no matter how fast or powerful a car is, if the driver is not in perfect health, it will not win the race. Your mind is the driver. It is the most important organ in your body. Every little thing you do depends on it. That is why you must take good care of it.
A healthy mind and mental state will help you live a fuller and happier life. You can then create an environment that will keep your family, friends and loved ones happy too! Happiness is, after all, contagious! Don’t ever be afraid to take the first step towards your ideal life and say: “I need help’.

Over Thinking

A spiral of unending negative thoughts


Around 35.7% of Indians living in urban areas suffer from anxiety disorders according to research. With such a large percentage
Yes, you can definitely get REAL psychological help online. Right off the bat, I would like to pat you on
" I need help" is a tricky phrase. Everyone has their demons that they have to get up to in
Depression is almost never taken that seriously by Indians. People think it's just sadness or mood swings and sometimes the

What Our Clients Say

Psychometric Assessment

Acceptance of Illness Assessment

Personality Inventory

Spatial Ability Assessment

Certification Courses

Big 5 Personality Assessment

Big 5 Personality Assessment

Big 5 Personality Assessment

Free Fifteen Minute Consultation

During this consultation, you will get to:

  • Talk to an online psychologist about problems you face
  • Meet and get to know your PsychOWLogist
  • Request a psychometric evaluation or book a therapy session

We understand that talking to a stranger seems intimidating. That is why we always have a consultation first so you know exactly who you are talking to and have a chance to get comfortable around them.